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Ride-Coach-Judge Better Dressage Tests with Belgium's FEI 5* Judge (rtd) Mariette Withages is a two-day interactive, UNMOUNTED CLINIC for riders, coaches, judges, and prospective judges.
Observe, Listen, Dive In

Mariette Withages, one of the world's most renowned Dressage authorities, will share her marks and comments with you, movement by movement, as she judges and critiques 18 test rides - Training Level to Prix St. Georges.


You'll watch her work with each rider and their coach, to improve select movements, then send the rider back up the centre to re-ride the test for you, your peers, and Mariette to score.


After the final halt, Mariette will share her marks and discuss her comments so you can see how your scores compare.    

Get The Inside Scoop From Mariette Whitages


  • What the top international dressage judges are really looking for

  • How to present a polished dressage test 

  • How to avoid common test riding errors 

  • What to do when things don't go as planned

  • The challenges all riders face​

  • The criteria judges use to assess and mark the movements 

  • The difference between a 6 and an 8

Great News For Coaches

Attend Ride-Coach-Judge Better Dressage Tests and chalk up three Professional Development points. 


For Judges and Potential Judges

It doesn't get any better than this!


Most of the current FEI dressage judges in the world have trained under Mariette.  


And for two days in June, she is going to be in your backyard. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from one of the world's most respected judges.

Register by May 1, 2020 and Save!
Early Bird Registration Fee


  • Two Day                      $150

  • One Day                      $100 


  • Two Day                      $100

  • One Day                      $ 70

Under 12 years of age   FREE


Procrastinator's Registration Fee
(May 2, 2020 onward)


  • Two Day                      $200

  • One Day                      $140


  • Two Day                      $130 

  • One Day                      $100 

Under 12 years of age   FREE


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