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2019 Clinic - Accolades

Teresa Alexander-Arab (read her entire article here)


...Every rider was given something to work on. Most of the time Lib was clear that there were no quick fixes (well except for being accurate). So she helped them to get things 'better' and then gave them some things to work on at home. 


What was also great was how supportive the auditors were. Even though we were 'judging' and giving scores, everyone was on the side of the rider. During the coaching part, when a rider was successful (like with a good flying change) we all would cheer and clap.  


I enjoyed the clinic so much and learned a ton. It was also lovely to not have to drive for 2 hours to audit a clinic. I took some of my learnings and put it to use in my ride Sunday afternoon. I shortened my reins and when Carmen sucked back I put my leg on. It worked really well and I wasn't pulling anymore. 

I am profoundly grateful to all the people who signed up to be the riders. They really helped us learn. I hope that they got something out of it too. 

Mel Francis:  Great Clinic!

Anne Tee:   A unique educational opportunity at a beautiful venue.!

Carol Macomber June 24, 2019

What a great dressage clinic at Coveside yesterday! Lib McMullen was outstanding   🤩

Thank you to R Jane and Susan Fraser for organizing. And thanks to the wonderful demo riders who put themselves out there so we can all learn. You were amazing


Monette LeBlanc-Priemer: Thanks again for a great weekend. One of the best clinics I've been to!

Monique Mackesey - June 22, 2019 

Having a wonderful day at the Lib McMullen test riding clinic, Coveside Stables, Chester, NS. Sun came out, views are amazing, lovely horses to enjoy, what a way to learn!

Dawn Helm:  Great Day at Coveside. Lots of learning. Thank you to Susan FraserR Jane Fraser and all the wonderful people who put this event on. Judith HubbardLeonard was a good boy.

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