The grandstands that you'll be sitting in are covered, but the seating is metal so you may want to bring a cushion to sit on. 

LUNCH Breaks Are One Hour

That means you're going to have to hustle off to grab something to eat and get back.

You might want to bring a lunch so you don't risk missing the amazing post-lunch ride. 


Dressage Tests

We will supply you with a copy of all the dressage tests that you will need for your shadow judging.


You Should Bring:

  • pen(s) 

  • clipboard or the like to write on

  • a notebook - you're going to want to take notes 

  • warm clothes, sunhat, sunscreen, bug spray, rain gear, rubber boots - it is, after all, an equestrian event! 


Pre-Clinic Preparation

We will post the schedule of riders, their levels, and the tests they will be riding on June 1, 2020, so you can familiarise yourself with the tests you'll be judging.




Ride-Coach-Judge Better Dressage Tests

has been organized by:


  • Susan Fraser

  • Jane Fraser

  • Stephanie Forsythe

  • Nancy Murray


with the assistance of our wonderful friends who, once again, willingly stepped up to help us.


We would like to thank Jackie and Brad Rusaw for graciously providing us with the use of their fabulous Coveside Stables. .

Cheers to a fabulous 2020!

Ride forward with Power and Grace

For more information contact